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Our server has basically got a theme of "Cops and Robbers". As a robber, you can earn money by completing hit contracts, robbing stores, business, banks and players. Also, some illegal jobs like robbing diamonds, trading weapons, dealing with drugs, kidnapping players will lend you some cash! There are also legal ways through which you can earn cash; that is, by turning into a taxi driver, doing long haul missions etc. One can also own a business and sell items and store your drugs for sale. Also, you can own a house and store your money and a new feature also allows you to set a co-owner for your house! .

You can change your skill any time by entering into the City hall and change your class by changing your skin at the nearest hospital to you! You can turn into a Cop/FBI/CIA/Army, arrest the robbers and issue ticket to the suspects and seize drugs. Police officers also get tazers, free weapons, health, armour, and police vehicles, available at any police station. As a cop, you can also accept bribes from the wanted suspects; but beware! If any cop notices you accepting a bribe, you will be demoted from the rank that you had!

If you chose to be a medic, you can heal the players and also cure the players if they are infected. But remember, abusing your skill/class can lead you to a severe punishment.

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Latest News

Hello people,

We are here to introduce server update 14.2's Analysis.

Change in arrest system again.

  • Last time when arrest system was changed to perimeter, server was really shifted to robbers meta people often
    used to play as robbers more & do more things instead of playing as cop just to roam around. Changing arrest system
    back to before & enabling arrest without typing

Posted On 06-October-2018 - 11:08:54 AM (1 Month) By Dawood
Hello everyone,

we are back with the server update of 14.2!

Updated/Changed items.

  • Removed arrest perimeter completely. Now you must stick to suspect's skin in order to arrest.

  • Now CIA's can arrest through their vehicles.

  • Now you can sell (/bonusvehicle) being police officer.

  • Newbies (non regular players) Will be not required to add suspect's id to

Posted On 25-September-2018 - 07:51:15 PM (2 Months) By Dawood
Hello Folks,
We listen to your feedback's & made improvements in this update, server is back on hosted tab & we are looking forward to get some good player base.

Become A Developer

  • Want to became part of development team? You know how to script but never got a chance? Well...
  • You can now become a part of development team by submitting your files such as objects, mapping, apps,

Posted On 06-September-2018 - 07:33:50 PM (2 Months) By RedCrosser

Hello Folks,

We are releasing a minor adjustment update from previous update version 14.0 fixing several issues in the server.

Law Enforcement Duty

  • In response of community feedback. We have noticed that our community is not happy with the update. This update is now removed!
  • We have given out free 250 Nitro Kit Shots to everyone as compensation.

Posted On 30-August-2018 - 07:20:29 PM (3 Months) By RedCrosser
Hello Folks,

This time we have done major update as our staff team has addressed
several issues found in the server & focused on solving them.

• Arrest System.

- We have received alot of complaints regarding law enforcements are so overpowered
with arrest system so we took this matter very seriously & started to dig up on
changing arrest system, presenting a new arrest peri 

Posted On 23-August-2018 - 01:29:19 PM (3 Months) By Dawood
Hey guys,

We are releasing a minor server update of 13.5, which consists of bug fixes and some script updates

• Minor Bug Fixes.

  • Fixed drug plants bug showing id 0 instead of 1.
  • Fixed ATM robbery message sometimes does not show in the main chat.
  • Fixed /lastacts does not show date & timing in the chat.
  • In event upon using /hide, now your name tag will be

Posted On 08-August-2018 - 08:57:52 PM (3 Months) By Dawood
Hello everyone,

Server has been updated to version 13.4!

There are general bug fixes of server & Implementation that are involved in this update

We have changed GTCNR's Forums host for smoothness & better view of users.

• Minor Bug Fixes & Misc. Updates

  • Removed rainy weather from current weather system.
  • Fixed ammunation shares always on loose (stays zero, doe

Posted On 25-July-2018 - 12:25:49 PM (4 Months) By Dawood
Hey guys!

It's been a long time since the Server
Updated and we apologize for the inconvenience.
We hope this Server Update improves your relishing experience in this Community.

Before we start off, we would like to welcome Zeus1128, & Youssefradwan as Server Administrators

We look forward fo 

Posted On 30-June-2018 - 02:21:47 PM (5 Months) By Dawood
Hello everyone,

We are back with server update of v13.2 This version mainly focuses on law inforcement and bug fixes,

Law Enforcement

  • Now you need to use /arrest [ID/nick] to arrest a nearby suspect you can no longer use (mmb to arrest the nearby suspect now) same with /drag /cuff /taze
  • Being a CIA officer, Now you don't need to wait to write /report ExPerson WantedL

Posted On 07-August-2017 - 01:08:54 AM (1 Year) By Dawood
Hi everyone,

Server has been updated to v13.1. This version mainly focuses on law enforcement and bug fixes, including some misc updates.

Law Enforcement

  • You can only start a manhunt mission when you enter LVPD and type /starthunt.
  • No score will be rewarded for collecting a ticket.
  • Cop Refill point cooldown has been decreased.
  • Police Credit System is added- The more

Posted On 07-June-2017 - 01:29:21 AM (1 Year) By WildWolf