Donate - Grand Theft Cop And Robbers


  • Full Weapon Skill
  • Ability To Mute Diana
  • Access To Donating Player Club
  • Hold Up To 80% Fuel In Gas Can
  • No Wealth Taxes
  • Donating Player House Will Be Harder To Breakin
  • More Colours To Change Menu Color
  • Set Donating Player Free Weapon
  • Your Max Robbing Amount From Other Player Will Be Extended To 500k (/rob)
  • Less House House Taxes
  • More menu box colour will be available , over 20
  • /vehc - To change car colour at any time
  • Less Bank Robbery Cash Loss And Less Chance
  • Can Buy 5 Red Cali Cars Instead Of 2
  • Can Store upto $200 millions($200,000,000) in Biz.
  • Can Store upto $80 millions($80,000,000) in House
  • Increased Bank Interest - 50% instead of 25%
  • Lowered Vehicle Tax

By donating, you are accepting the terms below:

1. You must donate at least 8 Euro or you will not receive donator status.

2. Donating players will not get any special treatment from administrators whatsoever. Donating players are just as likely to get kicked, or even banned by admins.

3. Donations will not be refunded under any circumstances.

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