Mission: Long Haul - Grand Theft Cop And RobbersLast Updated: WildWolf - 09 April 2016

Mission: Long Haul  


Long Haul is a trucker job which is present in GTCNR as a Simulation Mission. In this mission, people deliver goods from one place to another around San Andreas. When the player completes a Long Haul Delivery, he/she earns some amount of money and bonus score.


You can do Long Haul mission by following the steps:

1. Get a suitable semi truck for this mission (An example will be Road Train or the Linerunner) and Press '2' while sitting in it to start Long Haul Mission.
2. It will show you direction to the destination point where you have to go and get the trailer with goods.
3. After you attach trailer with truck, you will be shown your final destination name in the box on left and will be shown the directions to reach that point.
4. Then you have to reach final destination and when you'll reach, you will automatically given some amount of money with score and Mission is complete.

**Be careful, don't let your Trailer Detach from your Truck. You can quit Long Haul Mission anytime, anywhere by typing /endlonghaul.

Appropriate Vehicle for Mission:

Road Train(Truck)

or this vehicle too, however it is much rarer to find:
Linerunner (Semi Truck)

Video Tutorial

Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTMgXDrrnqo

**Don't hesitate to ask anybody In-Game if you are facing any problem regarding Mission. Thanks ! ! !