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Plants Tutorial  

WARNING: This only works, while you are a skill of a "Drug Dealer".

NOTE: If you are planning to see the tutorial visually, just to let you know that skimming through the steps will help you understand better.

The credit for the tutorial in text and the dailymotion video goes to WaJeeH!
Original link of tutorial (it's on forum): http://www.forum.gtcnr.com/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=2014

Plant System is actually a system that provides players to earn money easily.

What are the things required to plant?:

Plant Seeds

  • This seeds are used to plant your drugs around various places.
  • You can purchase Plant Seeds from Drug Depot or from 24/7 Shop.

Drug Traps (Optional)

  • To avoid animals eating your plant(s).
  • You can purchase Drug Trap from 24/7 Shop or from Items Dealer.

Fertilizers (Optional)

  • Helps the plant to grow faster.
  • You can purchase Fertilizers from 24/7 Shop or from Items Dealer.

Hunting Permit (Optional)

  • Does not give you wanted level for killing animals with Plant Traps. (1 permit per kill)
  • You can buy Hunting Permit from 24/7 or from Items Dealer.

How do i sell drugs?:

  • You can sell your drugs on Drug Depot for $350/Gram at Drug Depot (/gps).
  • You can also sell drugs to other players as Drug Dealer by offering items in your inventory using command /drugs or by manually using command /gd (/givedrugs) for particular prices.

Additional Information:

Drug Bag (Optional)

  • You cannot carry more than 500g of drugs in your hand, if u want to carry more than 500g of drugs, read the step below. (NOTE: You can check the amount of drugs you have by typing command /inv or /druginfo) :
  • If you want to keep drugs more than 500g, you need to buy a drug bag.
  • Drug bag gives you ability to carry 1500 grams at a time
  • Once you have purchased the drug bag, you will NOT lose the drug bag ever! It will be yours permanently

Drug Permit (Optional)

  • Drug Permit will allow you to carry drugs in your hand & to avoid getting wanted level from CIA's search.
  • You can purchase Drug Permit at City Hall. (/gps)
  • You will be taxed $10,000 (10k) for Drug Permit along with all other taxes in the game.
  • If you don't want to get taxed $10,000 or if you don't need Drug Permit anymore, Don't Worry! You can cancel your permit anytime at City Hall

[YouTube video] By WildWolf, simple easy steps to start off with
Dailymotion video, by Wajeeh, really well explained, must watch it if u did understand WildWolf's video
Video by Wajeeh aren't Working Right now,See WildWolf's Video