CASH DELIVERY MISSION - Grand Theft Cop And RobbersLast Updated: WildWolf - 09 April 2016


Cash Delivery Mission Tutorial

What is Cash Delivery all about?

Cash delivery is a really easy mission, all it requires is driving around the Las Ventures and Fort Carson (at the south of the army base/Area69). You also get 4 score and ~$70,000 for completing it everytime. NOTE: ONLY COPS/SWAT/CIA/FBI can do the mission, civilians can't do this mission!

How can I start this mission?
First, become a police officer/SWAT/CIA if you already are not. After you have done that...look around to find a "Securicar" (image is posted below, or just check the video). Once you get the vehicle, press 2. It will tell u in a dialog box to go to the bank (dont use /gps to go to the bank, that's a different bank..the bank for the mission is the one behind Regular / Donating Player Club at the Las Ventures Police Department, u can also look at ur mini-map..u will see a dark red triangle or square depending on ur altitude to the destination. Once you reach there u will notice a checkpoint that's shooting from the sky down to the ground. Just go through it and keep following the checkpoints. You can check out the video by WildWolf (posted below) and understand the mission! (recommended if didn't really understand the text tutorial)

How does the vehicle look like
In short,

How long does it take to finish the mission?
It actually is a pretty long mission, but u don't really have big challenges, all u have to do is drive around and it gives u 4 score AND around 70,000, so it is worth doing the mission.

***Don't hesitate asking questions about the mission in-game, don't ask to ask, just ask!

The video below is made by WildWolf...u can watch the video and see where does he drive, what vehicle he picked and how much money he actually received to finish the mission!